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Small seasonally recurring or one-time projects go beyond basic landscape management services to make your property look and perform at its best. 

Small projects may range from a half day to multiple days depending on the size and scope. Our dedicated project crews are experts at executing the details that make the difference. 

  • Mulch Installation: Prepare beds and install organic compost and/or hardwood bark mulch for weed suppression, moisture retention, soil conditioning and overall improved aesthetics. 

  • Seasonal Color & Containers: Select one or more seasonal color rotations to add depth and seasonal interest to your beds and containers. Spring pansies, summer petunias, and fall mums are just a few ways to add a little pop. 

  • Stump Removal and Remediation: After the tree comes down, it’s time to remove the grindings and install new plantings or restore the lawn. We have the right equipment and experience to put your landscape back together. 

  • Small Plant Installations: Add an ornamental tree, replace underperforming plants, fill in open or bare areas in your beds, or rebuild your perennial garden with splitting, transplanting and adding supplemental plants. 

  • Yard Tune-up: If you’re not ready for a total yard or garden makeover, a tune-up will improve your yard while minding your budget. Remove unwanted plants, prune to improve plant health and correct problems, define and install bed edges, thoroughly weed beds, spot seed bare lawn areas, and install mulch for the finishing touch.  

  • Yard Simplification: Remove undesired landscape elements, simplify and reduce beds, convert beds to lawn and/or eliminate undesirable plants, correct grade, seed and mulch. 

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