STUMP Removal

Effectively removing stumps is an important step to restoring your yard and garden. Grinding is often just the first step in the process. 

When you’re ready to restore your lawn or garden, removing as much of the old stump and related woody mass as practical lays the groundwork for a successful follow-up planting. Lawn Lad will efficiently and effectively remove the stump and restore the area to lawn or a new planting. 

Symptoms of incomplete removal:

Whole stumps or remnants left after grinding may show themselves in different ways.

  • Discolored Turf: When a stump is not completely ground or grindings are left in the ground and covered with soil, new grass may be discolored from the lack of available nutrients since decomposing grindings pull nitrogen out of the soil, causing yellowing and thin surface turf.
  • Mushrooms: Generally one to five years after a stump is removed, mushrooms may appear as they feed on the decomposing stump and roots. These mushrooms are more annoying than harmful.
  • Sinkholes: Soft spots that become increasingly larger and deeper as time passes
  • Suckers: A live plant that is cut down will often respond by throwing up suckers to push new growth in order to capture sunlight.
  • Raised Tree Crater: Like a moon crater with an elevated circular pattern, an uneven lawn area with a circular pattern is often from an incomplete stump removal.

Symptoms of incomplete stump removal can include discolored turf, soft spots and an elevated or uneven circular pattern.

Not always one and done:

We are frequently called after a tree service has removed a tree and ground the stump, only to discover after removing the grindings that there is more stump to be ground. Often a tree service includes a specification of grinding six inches below grade. Tree stumps may go down 12-24” or more, depending on the type and overall size of the tree. While the tree company made a good effort, often grinding and excavating is necessary on larger stumps to remove debris to ensure complete removal is accomplished.

Equipment selection:

We use a combination of stump grinders, excavator, mini-skidsteer and hand labor to remove stubborn stumps. Access and the size and age of the stump dictate the equipment that is used.

Ground protection:

Stump removal is an invasive process since the work to remove the root flare and surrounding buttress and surface roots may expand the project up to 5 times the stump’s area. Protecting your existing lawn and landscape prevents the need for expensive repairs.

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