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Lawn Lad is a local company serving our neighbors in Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights and surrounding suburbs. We know what lawns in this area need and our service offering is designed to get you results where the national companies fall short.

We focus on developing healthy and resilient lawns by concentrating on soil and plant health, which allows us to reduce the use of pesticides making our lawns safe for your family and neighbors to enjoy all season long.

Lawn Care Packages:

Choose one of our four service packages and customize with additional services to meet your expectations and budget. If your goal is to rejuvenate a tired lawn, you may want to select a more comprehensive package for one or more seasons. Once the desired result is achieved, modify your program with the focus on maintaining the results.

Details about each package are below. If you’d like to add plant health and flower bed care services to your lawn care package, see below for a brief description of what we offer.
Essential service package

Your lawn will receive the basic services necessary to keep it healthy and green. Lawns that have healthy and robust soil may only require the essential services to maintain a resilient lawn.

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Premium service package

For the discerning lawn aficionado, the Premium Service Program provides an elite level of service to not only maintain your lawn’s optimum health, but also help to correct and overcome underperforming areas of the lawn. Shady lawn areas require a different maintenance regiment which includes over-seeding to replenish thinning turf that does not receive adequate sunlight. A top-dressing application of SweetPeet® compost is timed with the over-seeding to improve seed germination, but most importantly to replenish organic matter in the soil. Your lawn will also receive a preventative surface insect control application, in addition to a fall application of organic fertilizer to further improve and build soil health.

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Select Service package

Beyond the necessary essential services, your lawn will benefit from a spring aeration to improve nutrient uptake and improve drainage, preventative grub control, nutsedge control and a maintenance lime application, which adds essential micronutrients that improve plant growth and thickening of the overall turf.

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Super Service package

Take all the worry away when you select the Super Service Program. Designed for top end results, in addition to all of the services included in the Premium package, the Super Service Package dials in on maximizing soil health so your lawn will be the most resilient, robust and healthy it can be. The Super Service Package is how the pros maintain professional sports fields and golf courses for best[1]in-class care. We begin with a soil test to monitor pH and ensure optimal soil chemistry to achieve best results for your investment and repeat once annually. Spring and fall humic acid improves soil structure, water retention and drought tolerance. Mychorrhizae, a bio-root stimulant, adds beneficial fungi to the soil, which increases the size of the turf plants roots improving moisture and nutrient uptake, and also reduces the need for fungicides. To top off the Super Service Program a fungicide program helps to prevent diseases from robbing your lawn of its true potential.

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Services for FLOWER BED CARe

Add a plant health plan onto your Lawn Care package! Perennial plants, annual flowers, shrubs & small trees require essential nutrients nutrients for healthy growth while being protected from weeds and grazing deer. Improve plant health by giving them what they need to thrive with the following bed application services.


• 2 applications during the growing season
• 4 applications during the growing season


• Pre-Emergent weed control
• Vegetation Control for established weeds
• Deer Repellent Applications


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