Moss is an environmental weed that grows wherever there is persistent moisture. Allowing moss to invade your lawn will weaken and thin your existing turf grass. While some garden center products are available to mitigate the moss, the moss returns and grows where there is consistent moisture. The best thing you can do is adjust the surrounding environment making it more difficult for moss to thrive or even survive. 

Here’s a few tips to control and get rid of moss in your yard.

  • Adjust your irrigation schedule and let the lawn dry out between watering while still delivering the necessary amount of water to keep your turf healthy.
  • Prune surrounding trees and plants to improve air circulation and increase sun light. 
  • Aerate in the spring and aerate again in the fall – at least twice per season. It may be beneficial to ‘double’ aerate the lawn by running the machine over the lawn twice to increase the number of cores and lawn penetrations. Aerating will reduce compacted soil, improving drainage and it increases the surface area of the lawn helping it to dry out more readily. Beyond improving drainage, aeration reduces thatch, improves oxygen to the root system and increases the effectiveness of lawn treatments. 

Your individual site conditions and situation may benefit from additional strategies – contact us to learn more about how we can help you improve the quality of your lawn.