spring cleanup service

Get your lawn and gardens looking their best with a detailed professional spring cleanup. Spring cleanup service is available as a stand-alone service and is included in our season-long Landscape Management packages. 

Standard Spring Cleanup:

  • Pick up litter and trash
  • Pick up branches and sticks
  • Detailed cleanup of leaves and organic debris from lawn and bed areas 
  • Rake beds for fresh appearance 
  • Edge to remove overgrown grass from sidewalks and curbs
  • Redefine existing bed edges 

PRICING: Spring cleanup service begins at $350 pricing will vary depending on site conditions, property size, and access. Call today to schedule your spring cleanup.

optional Spring Cleanup add ons:

  • Dormant Pruning
  • Verti-cut (dethatch) lawn
  • Spot seeding and lawn repair
  • Install defined bed edges if not already existing
  • Catch basin and window well cleaning
  • Pre-emergent application to beds for season-long weed control
  • Haul debris off-site

Please call or contact us for pricing on these add ons.

Starting early minimizes the potential for damage to spring flowering bulbs and plants. Call today to get on the schedule.

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