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Our Lawn Development Program (LDP) provides the necessary services to nurture your lawn until it becomes established. Much like a newborn baby through adolescence, your lawn has various needs through the different stages of development. The LDP will see you through this important timeframe.

Year 1 – Fall following installation: 

The goal immediately after seeding is get your newborn lawn through the infant and toddler stage of development. We’re working to get the highest rate of germination and coverage for the new lawn to the point where it is ready for regular mowing. 

Year 2 – Spring through Fall: 

By spring, your toddler lawn is still vulnerable to heat, weeds and other stress factors that can undermine progress. By the end of summer and into early fall, your pre-teen lawn will be more fully established and recognizable as a lawn, but won’t be completely hardy and ready for independence.  With our service, the second year of development takes your lawn through adolescence, where the turf blades thicken and the true leaf development occurs so the lawn can stand up to more rough and tumble use. The LDP concludes at the end of Year 2 with the option to extend lawn care service [Hyperlink]. 

Year 3 and beyond: 

By year three, your adult lawn will become fully established and more limited care and attention is all that will be necessary to keep it healthy and productive. Continue lawn care service to maintain and protect your investment. 

The Lawn Development Program includes:

  • Starter fertilizer application once new seed begins to germinate
  • Lawn care program for newly seeded and existing lawn areas 
  • First lawn mowing after initial installation
  • Broadleaf weed and grassy weed control
  • Fungicide program for disease control
  • Lawn aeration after one year
  • Continued monitoring and consultation from the start
  • Follow-up seeding for thin or bare areas
  • Warranty for up to one year after installation
  • Lawn mower blade sharpening (owner to provide blades off mower for sharpening service)

See our aftercare sheet “New Seeded Lawn” for watering and maintenance instructions.


  • The LDP does not include insecticide treatment(s) and will be invoiced separately if they are necessary.
  • The LDP includes lawn care service for the new lawn area and existing lawn areas.
  • For a fall-installed lawn (i.e., August – September) the program carries through to the end of the next season (i.e., November—roughly 14-15 months).
  • The LDP service must be purchased prior to the lawn installation.
  • After the LDP ends, we encourage you to continue service by selecting one of our lawn care programs to ensure your lawn is ready for regular use.

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