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What does every seasoned gardener know about making plants thrive? They understand that better soil provides better results. Gardeners ad organic material like compost, manure, grass clippings, mulch and other amendments to fortify the soil. Adding organics improve soil health by increasing microbial activity which is beneficial for the plants but it also improves the soil composition or structure of the soil. Heights-area lawns suffer from compacted clay soil and adding organics helps to improve the structure so the roots of the lawn can grow deeper and stronger making the lawn more drought and pest resistant. Gardeners know how important it is to add organics every year for gorgeous gardens, and you can do the same so you can have a lush lawn.


A top dressing that meets even OUR tough standards!

We couldn't settle for any old dirt to make your lawn its enviable best. 100-percent organic SWEET PEET® is every bit as effective as it is earth-friendly. Made from materials harvested from local farms and the Cleveland Zoo, Sweet Peet is uniquely beneficial for Heights lawns needing a nutritional lift.

Our compacted clay soil is a tough growing environment for any plant, including grass. To build a healthy lawn that is more pest-, weed-, and drought-resistant, we begin by improving the soil. Sweet Peet replenishes nutrients and beneficial organisms, improving soil composition and encouraging root development. It also neutralizes soil acidity so your lawn can actually draw the nutrients it needs from the soil. We like to think of it as an essential multi-vitamin that improves your lawn inside and out.s

Top dressing in late summer or early fall followed by a lawn aeration is the ideal one-two punch.

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Milorganite® has been used as a fertilizer on home lawns and golf courses for over 75 years. Lawn Lad, Inc. uses Milorganite® to improve our lawns. Why is this? It works!

Milorganite® adds essential organic matter to your soil making it healthier while it feeds your lawn. With over 85% slow release nitrogen, this essential nutrient is available to the lawn, as the lawn requires it. Little nitrogen, if any, is lost to leeching. Milorganite® also contains nearly 4% naturally complexed iron which helps your lawn turn a dark lush green color without excessive growth. Less stress on the lawn, fewer clippings, better results.

How does Lawn Lad, Inc. use Milorganite in your lawn program? For the added organic matter and iron we can make supplemental applications to your existing program to boost lawn performance or we can substitute certain applications with Milorganite® all together. We also use Milorganite® as an ideal winterizer application to help your lawn come through the winter for an earlier spring green up.

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