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Generally speaking, lime applications are only necessary when soil test results show acidic soil (low pH, below 7.0). Lime applications serve two functions. Corrective applications balance acidic soils; and lime provides micronutrients to support healthy plant growth. Lime is not a fertilizer product. Rather, it improves the efficacy of fertilizer.

Corrective applications:

A soil test will report the pH of your soil, and results will dictate whether corrective applications are required. Part of our turf care package includes soil testing. We continue to test your lawn every two to three years to monitor soil pH. If the test reveals an acidic lawn, we will schedule corrective applications.

When soil pH drops below 6.0, a number of essential nutrients required for proper growth become less available for use by the turfgrass plant. As nutrients become less available, the lawn's color, health and vigor decreases, reducing its ability to recover from heat stress and pest damage. Appropriate lime applications will raise the soil pH above 6.0, increasing the availability of nutrients and making it easier to maintain the lawn's quality and health.

Maintenance applications:

Lime is a compound of calcium or calcium and magnesium. Both are capable of counteracting acidic soil conditions. Beyond the desired effect of raising pH, calcium and magnesium are essential micronutrients that the lawn needs for healthy growth.

Included in all but the basic turf care package is a maintenance application of lime. The maintenance application of lime is calibrated to deliver needed micronutrients. This application will not affect the soil pH. If corrective applications are necessary, we will apply more lime as indicated by the soil test for your lawn.

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