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Fertilizer feeds your lawn the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong. Fertilizing is the single most important procedure to improve lawn quality and health. Our fertilizing program includes a blend of products applied throughout the course of the season, all designed to produce healthy turf. Our turf care packages consist of a fertilizing program, pest management and turf-building services.

Fertilizing overview

What's different about Lawn Lad's fertilizing program?

Our fertilizing program has been designed, tested and perfected after years of refinement so we help produce a green, healthy lawn with fewer clippings than with other lawn programs. We focus on the grass root system and overall health of your yard. A healthy lawn is drought-resistant and recovers from pest damage more easily.

Many of the products we include in our program are not generally used in the commercial turf care business, primarily due to higher cost. We believe that superior quality, though more expensive at times, provides results that outweigh the marginally higher price. We do not select the cheapest products on the market to advertise the lowest price possible.

You do not need to have a golf course superintendent or extravagant budget to enjoy the benefits of superior products. Our lawn programs include the best products coupled with our expertise.

Fertilizing Program

The most important nutrient in the lawn fertilization program is nitrogen. Nitrogen promotes "green-up" and a lush, healthy looking lawn. Nitrogen is the first responder in a fertilizer, but it does stimulate top growth (clippings). The more nitrogen applied, the more top growth. Excessive application of nitrogen will result in lawn mowing nightmares, which means a lot of extra work to bag clippings and unattractive results from mulching.

The core building block of our turf care program is a selection of high-quality, slow-release products that provide long-term feeding throughout the growing season. This reduces quick top growth surges. The products we use in all of our turf care packages are designed for golf courses and the high demands that are placed on the quality turf. While you may not require golf course quality turf, rest assured, the best products are being used on your lawn.


Our fertilizing program is designed to deliver the right amount of nutrients for the season and the needs of your lawn. We apply five applications each year, balancing the nutrients delivered in each application to supply the right amount for even feeding all season. Why five applications? The clay soils in our region hold nutrients better than sandy soils. Because the nutrients don't leach out of the soil as readily, we can make fewer applications with products that release the nutrients over time and in the right quantity. In most cases, five applications are all that is necessary.

Five Fertilizing Applications

Round 1 — Early Spring (March/April)

  • Fertilizer for early spring green up
  • Crabgrass pre-emergent included

Round 2 — Late Spring/Early Summer (May/June)

  • Slow release fertilizer providing long, slow release of nutrients into early summer
  • Broad leaf weed control included

Round 3 — Mid Summer (July)

  • Fertilizer for continued summer feeding with Iron

Round 4 — Early Fall (September)

  • Slow release fertilizer encourages strong root development to restore lawn after summer stress
  • Supplemental iron application for greener, stronger turf
  • Broad leaf weed control included if necessary

Round 5 — Late Fall - Winterizer (November)

  • Balanced fall application encourages root development for increased root mass and deeper root system — resulting in a more drought resistant lawn
  • Pest control applications are often made in conjunction with fertilizing applications. See more about pest control applications under pest management


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