Sweet Peet is much more than a mulch. Think of it as a lean, green meal that nurtures your landscape. It's good food for Heights lawns that are missing important organic nutrients. Sound too good to be true? There's really no secret ingredient, just all-natural substances found at local farms, composted and produced with high standards for quality.

We chose to add Sweet Peet to our lawn care program and provide it to you at wholesale because of its many beneficial qualities.

  • Protect plants from acid rain. Sweet Peet forms a barrier to absorb and neutralize acid rain before it enters the root zone.
  • Feed roots. Mix with back-fill soil when planting new trees.
  • Improve soil texture. Improve water retention to help maintain a healthy lawn during summer days and drought times.
  • Prevent weeds. Sweet Peet goes through a composting stage where high temperatures destroy weeds and most weed seeds. Till the product into your garden to enrich soil, encourage beneficial earthworms and replenish microbes.
  • Strengthen your lawn. Top-dress your lawn with Sweet Peet to improve soil condition and reduce the need for lime applications.
  • Get organic curb appeal. The rich, dark color of Sweet Peet enriches the look of landscape beds and garden areas. Mulch polishes, defines bed lines and provides contrast that makes flowers pop.

Urban Organics, the producer of Sweet Peet, is a member of the U.S. Composting Council and conforms to their exhaustive testing protocol.