Sweet Peet

How sweet it is...

Curb appeal is not the only "green" that Lawn Lad values. We think it's important to offer organic solutions for your lawn, and that's why we're proud to carry Sweet Peet. The 100-percent organic material is just as effective as it is conscientious. Sweet Peet is made from ingredients harvested from local farming operations and places like the Cleveland Zoo. (We like the fact that we're supporting our neighbors.) The product is a healthy soil amendment, all-purpose mulch and top-dressing agent we can count on.

Sweet Peet is especially beneficial for Heights lawns that require rejuvenation and a nutritional lift, replenishing much needed nutrients, beneificial organisms and improving soil composition. Our landscapes are missing the essential organic building blocks that help plants grow strong and healthy. Sweet Peet neutralizes soil acidity so plants can get the nutrients they need from the soil. We like to think of it as an essential multi-vitamin that improves your landscape inside and out.

Sweet Peet is a solution for all of these applications:

  • Mulch beds: ornamental, annual and perennial beds
  • Top-dressing for existing lawns
  • Establishing new lawns
  • Potting mixes for container plants
  • Prepare vegetable gardens
  • Amend and prepare planting beds
  • Backfill for planting trees, shrubs, perennials
  • Compost medium to start compost pile
  • Alternative to peat moss


How do you get Sweet Peet for your yard?

Option 1

Do It Yourself: We Deliver,
You Install…

  • Call and order your Sweet Peet today and have it delivered when you're ready
  • Order online
Option 2

Let Us Do the Work…

  • Call (216) 371-1935 and request a quote for Sweet Peet applications
  • Order online