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Time for a makeover?

Lawn renovation restores neglected, drab and older lawns. Lawn Lad takes a cultural approach to lawn renovation. By that, we mean that we evaluate the underlying reasons for your failing lawn and work to mitigate those problems. That way, your turf will stay healthy long after the renovation service.

Lawn renovation overview

Three Steps to A Better Lawn

Dig to the Root.

Lawn quality can deteriorate because of poor drainage, compacted soil, excessive shade, low fertility, disease activity and a host of other problems. By curing these symptoms, we build a strong foundation for turf. We diagnose problems that must be corrected, then we work to rebuild your lawn.

Repair and Renew.

Depending on the condition of your lawn and the site, Lawn Lad may perform services including: aeration, verticutting or dethatching, soil testing, lime applications and top dressing. Various seeding methodsóslit-seeding, overseeding and hydroseedingócan fill in bare patches and enrich the quality of your existing lawn. Our trained professionals will evaluate your property and determine the best mode of action.

Keep It Green.

Now that we've corrected problems and reinvented your lawn, routine landscape management and turf care services will keep it healthy and green.

**Keep in mind, your lawn may not "wake up" with renovation. Seriously damaged turf requires new installation. Not sure what to do? We'll help you determine the appropriate service, but here are some questions to ask yourself in the meantime:

  • What is your time frame and budget?
  • What are your expectations for the finished results?
  • What are the current site conditions?
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