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Sometimes you just have to start from scratch.

When weeds take over, rough grades threaten turf health, or disease infests your lawn beyond repair, the answer is to install a new one. This process isn't as daunting as it sounds. Lawn Lad will remove your existing lawn, prepare the soil for planting, and rebuild your turf by either seeding or sodding your property. There are advantages to both methods. Our certified professionals can help you decide what option makes the most sense for your site, budget and goals.

Sod or Seed?

Our trained professionals will help you determine the appropriate service for your lawn. If site conditions allow, sod is less expensive to care for, but more expensive to install. Seed lawns are more cost-effective to install, but require at least one year to establish. Do you have the time and inclination to nurture a newly seeded lawn?

Your Job. Whether you choose seed or sod, your new lawn will need T.L.C. Our After Care directions provide guidance. We guarantee lawn installation with our Lawn Development Program, which assures top-quality results.


There are no magic seeds. Germinating a lawn requires selecting the right type of turfseed, preparing the soil, amending it if necessary, and evenly applying seed so it can grow without crowding or fighting for nutrients. We take pride in first establishing a healthy foundation for your new lawn—then spreading seed in a proportion to ensure growing success.

Why Hydroseed?

You've probably seen lawns that look like they were hosed down with a coat of green paint. That's hydroseeding: a grass seed mixtures, fertilizer and premium wood fiber mulch with tackifier to reduce erosion. What this means for your lawn: fast establishment, fewer weeds, less pesticide use, improved water retention, and easy touchups if some seed areas "wash out." You'll be pleased with the high-quality sod that grows in—a more weed-resistant alternative to the old straw-installation techniques.

Seed lawn installation overview


When you need grass fast, sod is a quick-growing alternative to seed. While sod lawns costs up to 60 percent more than seeded lawns to intall, the time, energy and water required for seed to germinate also adds up. Sod performs best in conditions with plenty of moisture and sunlight. Sod struggles to establish in shady areas. Lawn Lad technicians prepare a sod lawn with the same foundation techniques: soil testing, removing existing grass and weeds, adjusting beds, grading and preparing soil for planting. Once sod is down, watering and a Turf Care program will ensure its success.

Why Sod?

Sod is an instant lawn. Sod roots quickly into a new site, and generally has fewer weed problems than traditional straw-seeded lawns, translating to less pesticide use. With sod, you get a finished look without waiting. Your family can begin enjoying your new lawn within weeks of installation.

Sod lawn installation overview

Healthy Lawn Guarantee
A Healthy Guarantee

Lawn Development Program

What happens after we install your new lawn? Seed or sod lawns require initial and continued maintenance. Sod farms take up to two years to grow grass that is ready to harvest. Secure your investment with a guarantee like our Lawn Development Program.

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