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Consider all the components of your landscape that aren't living: landscape lighting, irrigation systems and water features. These mechanical elements require regular maintenance so they will function properly. Our service technicians provide regular or scheduled service so you can avoid making emergency phone calls. When systems are running at optimum performance, you'll conserve resources and lower your operating costs. Lawn Lad has your investment in mind with our System Maintenance offerings.


You will improve the life expectancy of your low-voltage and line voltage lighting systems with regular service checkups. Lawn Lad technicians evaluate and replace fixtures. We find that most lamps need to be changed once a year. We ensure that lighting systems do not interfere with your landscape, and we make all adjustments to transformers and repair damaged wires.

Additional lighting services:

  • Proactively replace lamps in fixtures with each visit
  • Replace/repair damaged fixtures, wires and transformers
  • Diagnose and solve problems related to low light levels, premature bulb life


In-ground irrigation systems call for regular checkups to ensure water distribution is even, timer settings are adjusted for the season, and heads are positioned to hit all target plant material. Our technicians provide maintenance for Lawn Lad systems, and others.

Additional services:

  • Repair/replace damanged heads, emitters and supply lines
  • Repalce/upgrade timers, heads, valves and solenoids
  • Add on zones to accommodate changes in the landscape
  • System evaluation to determine effectiveness (performance vs expectations)

Water Features

We design and install Koi and Goldfish ponds, waterfalls, natural stone water features, and a variety of containers and fountains that create a tranquil outdoor environment. Ponds require annual and periodic in-season service. Lawn Lad is equipped to manage this maintenance so you can simply enjoy your ponds without worry.

Spring Service.
We'll change water in the spring so your pond will provide a healthy home for fish and plants until fall. We drain, scrub and refill the pond.

In-Season Service.
We periodically test water quality, fertilize plants and check fish for signs of sickness during the growing season, April to October. Select our bi-weekly or bi-monthly maintenance schedule. Our visits usually take just one hour.

Fall Service.
When water temperature drops to 50 degrees, the ponds components stop functioning and plants begin to die back. Dead material creates a toxic environment for fish. Lawn Lad technicians will perform water quality checks and prepare your pond for winter.

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