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Mowing is most common outdoor chore, but it may be the one maintenance activity you don't mind taking on yourself. But you can reclaim your free time and allow Lawn Lad to manage it with our Weekly Service Visits. We offer a package deal that includes mowing, edging, line trimming and debris cleanup. While we're on your property, we'll perform other necessary services you request.

We know, there are plenty of mow-and-blow companies out there. We won't just cut your grass - we'll take care of the details. What's different about Lawn Lad Weekly Service Visits is the attention to detail. We change our cutting blades several times a week, and we bag or recycle the clippings as you prefer. We choose the right mower for the job. (That's the advantage of having a fleet at your disposal.) Our crew members are trained to do much more than mow. And don't worryŚwe always clean up our mess.

Elect mowing services in conjunction with turf care and seasonal cleanup services. Mowing is not available as an a la carte service. To select Grass Mowing, choose the Landscape Management Program that suits your needs.

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