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Plants bring your landscape to life with colors, smells and textures. With seasonal color, your landscape is like a slideshow, always interesting, always changing and evolving as months pass. We layer flower bloom time so you experience the first notes of spring, when crocuses and daffodils pop, all the way to mid-summer when a bounty of annuals brighten your back yard. Lawn Lad's Seasonal Color & Enhancements services offer a menu of ideas for improving your landscape with even the smallest changes—maybe just trading an old plant for a new variety. We've got a simple plan, or a grand scheme, for your property. And the maintenance? We'll take care of that, too.

Seasonal Color

Refresh the landscape every season. Your outdoor space will never have a dull day when plants bloom continuously. Our team of professionals will help you select new, interesting varieties and instruct you on how to care for them. Or, you can enlist in our maintenance crews to take care of the dirty work. Check out our array of Bed Maintenance services.

Seasonal color overview


Our landscape designers can help you determine the best areas for seasonal color—places with high visibility so you can enjoy the changing hues and textures. We understand that the key to planting success is choosing the right place. Sunlight, moisture, topography—all of these variables are considered when we select plants for your property. The result is a high success rate and landscape beds that flourish with little maintenance.


Whether your plans for seasonal color include swapping out a few plants or reinventing an entire space, we can develop a plan that suits your goals and budget. Sometimes, all a landscape needs to “wake up" is a small change. We source plants from reputable wholesalers, so you'll only get the highest quality plant material. Our efficient service allows us to offer competitive rates on seasonal color services. That way, you can afford to keep your landscape interesting year-round.


Sometimes, all your landscape needs is a little lift, a small change, a modest enhancement that makes a big difference. It's no different than repainting your home one room at a time, purchasing furniture piece by piece, or making a quilt with individual blocks. Gradually, the “little things" you do make a significant impact. Ask us how we can help you plan a new look in phases, or simply refresh your existing beds.

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