Pruning rids plants of the three D's: dead, diseased and damaged plant material. Neatly pruned plants make a landscape look finished, clean and attractive. Pruning revitalizes older plants, promotes new, healthy growth and improves a plant's resistance to stress.

Timing is everything

Lawn Lad professionals are trained to identify and prune plants according to the best schedule and priorities for your landscape. Depending on your needs, we will perform dormant and maintenance pruning.

Dormant Pruning

This cool-season service repairs and corrects structure, while rejuvenating plants for the growing season.

Dormant pruning overview

Maintenance Pruning

This warm-season service shapes plants and encourages proper growth, providing a clean, manicured look.

Safety Notes

Prune for the reason, not the season. At any time, we will prune for the 3 D's: dead, diseased and damaged plant material. Pruning for safety and building clearance should be done when required, regardless of the season.

Looking for complete piece of mind