Many of our homes were built nearly a century ago, when outdoor kitchens and fireplaces were not the norm. Our historic properties require updating to accommodate our modern lifestyles. We demand convenience, function, accessibility, style and ease of maintenance. Lawn Lad works to blend the character of your home with new landscapes that cater to your needs today. The result: a customized setting that expands your living space and makes home feel like a vacation.

Adding amenities to your outdoor space requires planning. It is ideal to lump together projects and complete several goals at once. Call us for information on landscape design, and we can discuss ways to maximize the value and comfort of your outdoor environment. Installation doesn't need to disrupt your life. We can work around your busy schedule.

Outdoor Kitchen

From basic counters with cook tops to granite and upscale appliances, the outdoor kitchen has evolved into a luxury amenity that's just as equipped as the kitchen under your roof. Patios, retaining walls and plantings create a unique space for cooking, entertaining and dining.

Fireplace & Fire Pit

Fire creates warmth, comfort and ambiance, making the fire pit or fireplace a great addition to the landscape. Take the chill out of a cool evening, or enjoy the crackle of the fire while roasting s'mores. Fire is an important element to many homeowners, and we offer features that accommodate your site. Portable fire pits are relatively inexpensive. For a more permanent solution, we can design and construct a fireplace or fire pit. We always ensure that features comply with local fire ordinances.

Sports & Play Areas

The driveway basketball net and front-lawn soccer field have served many generations well. But if you plan in advance, you can build play areas into your outdoor environment—basketball and tennis courts, shuffleboard, bocce ball and horseshoes. We install play systems from Rainbow Play Systems, which offers 100 configurations. We'll carve out a spot for fun and games in your backyard.

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