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Hardscape provides structure, and plants are the paint and decoration. Full of color, texture, fragrance and seasonal interest, plants add pop to your landscape. You'll want to maintain new plant beds to protect your investment. We can help you do this.

Bed Preparation

Soil is the foundation for your living landscape. Soil nutrition is essential to maintaining a vital, long-lasting plantlife. Often, our urban landscapes do not contain the good soil that can support an abundance of plants. Not all soil is equal. Before planting beds, we always start with a soil test, and then we correct any soil nutrition issues we discover. The fact is, we can plant healthy, beautiful plants, but they will not survive if the soil structure is weak. We establish the best possible environment for plants by removing and replacing heavy, dense clay soils and amending soils with organic mixtures. Preparing soil for planting may require extensive work in the beginning of a project, but it is well worthwhile. It's much more difficult to amend soil after installing plants. We can teach you more about soil health and maintenance.

Planting Trees & Shrubs

Our trained staff installs large shade trees, small shrubs and ornamentals. Size is no matter — we choose plant material that suits your site. We can plant just one product, or a whole yard full. You can work with our landscape designers to select plants that will work best for your property.

Perennials, Ground Covers and Annuals

New flower beds are always exciting the first year. But they grow better over time. Flowers add color, intensity and intrigue to your landscape. They liven up your outdoor space every season. Our landscape designers will help you select plants that complement your new or existing landscape.

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