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With our busy lives, evening is often the only time we have to enjoy the outdoors. By then, the sun has set and turned the "lights out" on our landscapes. We can extend your time outdoors, enhance landscape features and create safer walking paths for you and your family with landscape lighting.

While lighting is often considered an option, more homeowners are lumping this feature in the must-have category. Not only does lighting improve accessibility, it sets the mood for outdoor living, adds ambiance to an outdoor party, illuminates paths, patios and structural features.

Lighting systems should be flexible—easy to reconfigure as your landscape grows and evolves. Low-voltage systems are usually the best choice. They require minimal disruption of your landscape for installation, and we can quickly, safely make alterations to the system.

Planning & Design

Lighting is often the final touch of a landscape project. Design should take into account what the landscape will look like once mature, how it will grow or evolve over the years—and also how you live in your outdoor environment. If you love nothing more than supper on the patio, lighting this space is a priority. On the other hand, if you spend evenings indoors but want to enjoy a window view of your landscape features, we'll focus on different lighting tools. We cater lighting design to your needs.

Ideally, we figure lighting design into an overall landscape plan. That way, we can run wires under patios and beneath structures before they are installed. But many times, lighting is an afterthought. So we work around the landscape and do our best to install systems with minimal disruption. Existing, mature landscapes present some installation challenges, but our team is experienced and can creatively work a lighting design plan around what's already there.

While good lighting is a matter of personal taste, there are certain considerations you should bear in mind as we discuss system design: lighting effects, safety, equipment performance, site layout and budget. We always tell homeowners, lighting should not be the center of attention, but you should miss lights when they are out.


Installation follows design. We approach the installation process with the motto of "less is more." The less we can disrupt your existing landscape, the less we dig, trench or move materials, the more you will be pleased with the end result. Our goal is to minimize recovery time after installation. Want to move lights or change your lighting plan? We install our systems so we can easily access components and alter lighting without it being a major project.

Transformer. The transformer is the power house of your lighting system. It contains a timer and photo cell, and all the controls necessary to operate your system. We program it to turn your system on and off at certain times each day. We permanently mount the transformer to a wall near a 120-volt receptacle, either in your garage, basement or in a convenient space outside. In this case, we'll install a rain-tight cover. We can also install a switch in your home so you can operate your lights from indoors. Transformers should never be plugged in to an extension cord.

Wires & Fixtures

Fixtures are assembled and placed in a landscape. Then, we lay a main low-voltage supply cable within 2 feet of each fixture. We connect fixtures to the main cable with waterproof silicone connectors. By using high-quality connectors, we reduce the risk of deteriorating wire splices. After connecting fixtures, we turn on the transformer for a test run. We test voltage in spot locations to assure even power distribution.

Final Adjustments

A lighting installation project is not done until the after-dark consultation. We schedule a critique several weeks after system installation, giving you time to experience the lighting system and note any changes you'd like to make. During the critique, we discuss alterations and finalize details. Once those adjustments are made, we conceal all wiring and secure it into place with ground staples. All project details are recorded to aid in future service calls.


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