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Irrigation technology has come a long way from the trusty hardware store sprinkler system. Years ago, installers dropped pipe haphazardly into the ground, figuring that large volumes of water spray would eventually hit plants—and so what if it missed? Today, we know that water is a precious resource that requires careful management. A modern irrigation system with precise hydraulic calculation, accurate water disbursement and detailed programming will protect your landscape investment and conserve resources. A properly coordinated system with quality components can cost more up front, but it pays for itself because of reduced maintenance and waters costs.

Irrigation System Design

Proper design is critical to the success of your irrigation system. A poorly designed system will not water efficiently, even if it has quality parts and expert installation. We consider a number of key variables before installing an irrigation system. Lawn areas have different water requirements than flower and shrub beds. Shady areas need far less water than sunny ones. Trees need a tremendous amount of water and will draw from your lawn and bed areas if they are thirsty. We will select among an array of irrigation heads to satisfy your watering needs.

Water pressure will also affect irrigation system design. Pressure will dictate how many irrigation heads we can install on each "zone," and how many zones your property can contain. We divide your yard in zones that are programmed based on the watering needs of discreet areas of your property.

The finishing touch on your new irrigation system is an easy-to-use timer that allows you to operate your system in a snap. Rain sensors automatically turn off your system to prevent watering after or during a rain. Considering all of these elements in your irrigation system design will enable you to enjoy a beautiful, healthy lawn for years.

Irrigation System Installation

An irrigation system's performance is dependent on quality parts. Over the years, we have learned which manufacturers produce the best parts. We know what really works on your property. We'll often mix-and-match to get the best results, always taking into consideration your site's needs. The result is an efficient, well-constructed and precise irrigation system that will last for years.

Let's get to know your irrigation system. Basic parts include irrigation heads, valves, a backflow preventer, timer, wiring and pipe. Pipe is laid into the ground using a pipe-pulling machine. This is less disruptive to your landscape than digging unsightly trenches, because the machine leaves only a narrow trail that will grow back in one to three weeks. (Trails always grow back quicker in cooler weather, when turf is not stressed.) We typically install the timer in your garage so you can conveniently access it. Next, all heads and valves are designed and installed in their respective "zones." When complete, we test the system and adjust it for accuracy.

Maintenance & Repairs

Before we leave your property, we will set your controller, activate all zones, check and adjust all irrigation heads, and test any drip tubing (if applicable). We will perform all needed repairs at that time.

Service & Repairs.

Even a well-maintained irrigation system requires occasional service and repair. Contact our office to schedule a service visit.


We prepare your irrigation system for winter weather, preventing water inside the system from freezing and cracking pipes, valves and irrigation heads.

Revamps & Upgrades.

If your irrigation system is older or requires alteration to suit your new landscape, we can revamp it for you. A revamp is the rebuilding or new installation of a section or more of your existing irrigation system.

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