Your outdoor living space is where you play, relax, entertain and essentially vacation for an hour or a long-weekend. It's a destination. Hardscaping defines your space. Patios, walkways and garden structures are foundation elements, setting the stage for other landscape features such as plants. We install high-quality, stylish hardscapes through good planning and design. We source the best materials and employ skilled craftsmen to complete projects.


Materials options for patios are endless. We think of your patio as a living room floor — and its purpose is both functional and aesthetic. It must be sturdy and sized to accommodate your outdoor entertaining needs. But a patio also sets a mood for your outdoor space. Selecting a material that is right for you depends on several factors: layout, grade, style, budget and your home's architecture. We'll walk you through the selection process and help you decide among natural stone, clay brick, aggregate or pavers. We ensure that your patio reflects your personal vision.


Walks and paths lead you from one landscape feature to the next, from one outdoor room to another. Think of them as the connect-the-dots element of a design. You can express your personal style by creating artistic paths, drawing the attention to the materials or shape. By alternating materials, you can build rhythm into your landscape, giving visitors subtle clues about where to go and how to feel. Select from natural stone, pavers, clay brick or aggregate depending on your style and site specifications.

Retaining Walls

Walls are not just for holding soil in place. Retaining walls work double-duty in the style and function departments. The walls add visual interest, define spaces, create multiple levels and can even incorporate seating and stairs. We can create retaining walls in various sizes and shapes, using an array of materials. Modular wall products have improved over the years and offer an elegant look. We can combine these products with natural stone.

Garden Structures

Add vertical interest to your space with pergolas, arbors and trellises. These structures draw the eye up, giving the illusion of height, and also provide places for vines to grow. When trees are young, an arbor or trellis will shade your space from hot, summer sun and provide scale in an otherwise open feeling yard. . Build charm into your landscape by combining a wood pergola or arbor with stone columns or a wall.

Fences & Screens

Fencing keeps kids in the yard and neighbors' dogs out. Besides practical uses, fences also add visual interest. Fencing and screens direct us to enjoyable views and block out "the uglies." (We're talking about trash cans, utility boxes, things of that nature.) Fences are available in various heights, styles and materials to suit your style and needs.

Water Features

The sound of gurgling water in a pot, urn or stone water feature transports us to a more relaxing place—its sooths away the day's tensions. Pondless waterfalls, goldfish and Koi ponds provide a larger, more dynamic water feature for the landscape. Ponds are living, breathing ecosystems, and fun for the whole family. It's not difficult to integrate a water feature into your landscape design. Just ask us how.

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