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Refer a friend

Refer a Friend

The greatest compliment you could give us is a favorable introduction to friends and neighbors you think would have interest in our services. When you provide us with a qualified referral and make an introduction on our behalf, we will give you a $50.00 service credit.

There is no limit to the number of $50.00 service credits you can earn in return for introducing us to qualified referrals.

What is a qualified lead?

A friend, neighbor or colleague who lives in the Heights-area who you think needs, or would be interested in purchasing, landscaping services this season, or in the near future. Perhaps it's someone who's new to the area, or someone who hasn't tended their yard or garden in years. Many of our customers want better play areas for their children. And many of our service inquiries come from people who have no time to do the work themselves, or who want to work with a different provider.

How do I get my service credit?

  1. Forward us a qualified referral using any of the highlighted means below. Include the person's name, home address, preferred telephone number and e-mail address.
  2. When we receive your submission, we will prepare an introductory letter for the person you have referred us to.
  3. We will then ask you to give us a ‘warm' introduction, either in an e-mail or a handwritten note in our introductory letter's margin. This is the process's critical step.
  4. Within a few days of mailing our introductory letter, we will call the person you have referred us to and ask for a short meeting.
  5. Regardless of what our follow up efforts produce, we will credit your account $50.00 per referral, each time you give us a ‘warm' introduction.

How do I submit a referral?

  1. Pass a referral to a Lawn Lad employee who's working at your house.
  2. Call (216) 371-1935 with a referral anytime.
  3. Make a referral online.
  4. E-mail a referral to: referral@lawnlad.com.
  5. Mail a referral when you return your monthly service payment.
  6. Fax a referral to (216) 321-1990.